AXEAN Festival is Southeast Asia’s first intraregional music showcase festival, an annual event that springboards Southeast Asian music onto the world stage held physically in Singapore with two main components: a music showcase festival and business networking events.


France will be the first European country invited to join the event and will take this opportunity to feature Sun Jun, a young French emerging musician, composor and producer. During the 2 days festival, the Embassy of France in partnership with What the France and CNM (French National Music Center) will run a dedicated activation space to promote French music industry initiatives in Asia. Festival goers will be invited to discover French sounds throughout the broadcasting of What the France music playlists, to get information about higher education art programme in France (music, sound engineering, visual arts, filmmaking, gaming, motion pictures, etc) and to exchange with French music experts and companies based in Asia.


“There is much great music in the world gone unnoticed and undiscovered. We want to build a community of music discovery champions who don’t care where the artists come from or what language they sing, but instead listen and move to the music with open ears and hearts. This year, we have decided to destroy the barrier of an entry fee and welcome all people to discover their favorite new artists, and then donate as much as they want to support our cause and keep our event running every year!”

– Py (Founder, AXEAN Festival)


DATE : 28.10-29.10

LOC : Goodman Art Centre, Singapore

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