France and Singapore sign Cultural Cooperation Agreement to deepen collaborations and create opportunities for artists

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Culture Minister Franck Riester met with Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth – MCCY Grace Fu to renew and extend the cultural agreement between our two countries. Looking forward to exploring even more projects that will support efforts to enrich our arts and cultural scenes!

2019 marks the tenth year of the 2009 Agreement between Singapore and France on Cultural Cooperation between Singapore and France. The agreement was signed in 2009 by then-Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo and then-Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of French Republic Bernard Kouchner. Since then, cultural institutions and practitioners of Singapore and France have worked closely together on mutually-beneficial exchanges, exhibitions and other events such as the Singapour en France – le Festival in 2015 and various editions of the Voilah! France Singapore Festival. These platforms have provided opportunities for both countries to learn from one another and showcase the best of their respective arts and cultural offerings.

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