French artist Thibault Gauriau presents his new solo exhibition ” Love You More “

Love is a subject we are all very familiar with, but expressing it with words can be daunting.
This exhibition is a commitment to the idea of representing Love with PICTURES rather than words !
“LOVE YOU MORE” is a portrait series of people’s Emotions. Only the whole of those emotions together can perhaps represent LOVE.
This photography collection is a visual representation of the complexity of what LOVE is, to all of us.
A constant combination of contradictions.

About the artist:

Thibault GAURIAU is a Senior Artist at Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm Singapore. He specialises in complex visual effects work for feature film and has been a professional photographer since 2006. After studying science, his interests diverted to the arts and creativity. Thibault has worked in photography, live-action films, commercial spots, animated movies, editing, retouching and VFX post production. With a background of more than 23 movies, Thibault is passionate about passing on the knowledge and has been teaching courses and master classes for art schools in Singapore and abroad.

Exhibition information
From 11 to 24 February 2019
Venue: Fusionopolis One
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