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As we are moving through a prolonged Circuit Breaker period, here is a selection of French movies you can catch on CinemaWorld Channel.

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Insecure (2014)

By Marianne Tardieu

Reda Kateb, Adèle Exarchopoulos

Chérif, struggling to pass the entrance exam for nursing school, takes on a side job as a security guard. On duty there, he faces off with a group of hostile teenagers who constantly harass him, and gradually ends up an accomplice to a robbery gone wrong. Caught in between two worlds, Chérif will have to find his own way out…

As I Opened My Eyes (2015)

Best Film Nominee – Venice Film Festival 2015

By Leyla Bouzid

Baya Medhaffar, Ghalia Ben Ali.

Tunis in the summer of 2010, a few months before the Arab Spring. Eighteen-year-old Farah passes her Baccalaureat exam and her family already imagines her future career as a doctor. But Farah doesn’t see things in quite the same way.

She sings in an activist rock group. She discovers love and her city at night, thrills to its energy, against her mother’s wishes. Hayet, her mother, knows Tunisia and its restrictions.

Heat Wave (2015)

Audience Award – Torino Film Festival 2015

By Raphael Jacoulot

With Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gregory Gadebois

At the height of a summer heatwave, in a small, apparently peaceful village, the inhabitants’ daily lives are disturbed by Josef Bousou.

The son of scrap merchants and a troublemaker, the villagers decide he is the main reason for all their woes, until the day that he’s found dead in the courtyard of his family’s home.

Mademoiselle Chambon (2009)

Best Adapted Screenplay – Cesar Awards 2010

By Stephane Brize

Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain

Jean is an upstanding man: a good builder, a good son, a good father, and a good husband. In his ordinary, placid life, divided between family and work, he crosses paths with Mademoiselle Chambon, his son’s teacher.

He is a man of few words; she comes from a different world. They become overwhelmed by the obviousness of their feelings.

Tenderness (2013)

By Marion Hansel

Olivier Gourmet, Marilyne Canto

Frans and Lisa, divorced for fifteen years, rediscover each other during a two-day journey to go and pick up their son, who has been hospitalized abroad after a bad skiing accident. What do they still feel for each other; indifference, bitterness, jealousy? Or perhaps complicity, friendship, and even love.

Catch The Wind (2017)

By Gael Morel

Sandrine Bonnaire, Mouna Fettou

Edith sees her life turned upside down when the factory where she has always worked is relocated to Tangiers, leaving the workers with a choice between unemployment and moving to Morocco to keep their jobs. Estranged from her son and without any ties, Edith is the only one to take up the factory’s offer. While her first days in the new factory and an unknown country are far from easy, she soon makes friends with Mina, the owner of the guest house where she is staying. Thanks to this friendship, Edith’s life takes a new turn.

Mobile Home (2012)

Golden Leopard Nominee – Locarno Film Festival 2012

By Francois Pirot

Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Gouix

Simon has left his job and girlfriend in the city to return to his small hometown in the countryside where his retired parents are living. He encounters Julien, his childhood friend, there. Julien is living with his father, who is recovering from a serious illness. One evening, on a whim, the two thirty year olds decide to fulfill a teenage dream: hitting the road in search of adventure. They buy a huge motorhome and launch into their project with enthusiasm, but a breakdown delays their departure. They therefore decide to start their trip… right on the spot. This first motionless phase that never ends, the odd jobs that they must find to survive, and the encounters which follow open up other perspectives to their real desires and to this future that they dreamed up just a little too fast…

Not Here To Be Loved (2005)

By Stephane Brize

Patrick Chesnais, Anne Consigny

Best Actor and Actress Nominees – Cesar Awards 2006

Fifty-year-old Jean-Claude Delsart, worn out by his police work, gave up on the idea of life offering any sweet surprises some time ago. But he hadn’t counted on just what would happen when he finally got up the nerve to learn the tango.

Paris La Blanche (2017)

By Lidia Terki

Tassadit Mandit, Zahir Bouzezar

Lacking news from her husband Nour, seventy-year-old Rekia, leaves Algeria for the first time in order to bring him back to the village.

But the man that she ends up finding has become a stranger.

Chouf (2016)

Chouf means “look” in Arabic, but it is also the name and role of the watchmen in the drug cartels of Marseille. Sofiane is 20. Brilliant student, he comes back to spend his holiday in the Marseille ghetto where he was born. His brother, a dealer, gets shot before his eyes. Sofiane gives up on his studies and gets involved in the drug network, ready to avenge him. He quickly rises to the top and becomes, the boss’s right hand, Réda. Trapped by the system, Sofiane is dragged into a spiral of violence…

And many more other titles:

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