French performing arts group Compagnie des Quidams in Singapore

French arts group Compagnie des Quidams performs « Musical Notes » as part of Arts in Your Neighbourhood, a programme by the National Arts Council that aims to provide enriching arts experiences for everyone at their doorsteps.

Full programme 2018

Three black and white characters on stilts walk down a street. They approach and whisper musical secrets to members of the audience. From their unique musical instruments, they broadcast different melodies and begin to dance. Both funny and moving, these quirky characters lead the audience in their musical fantasies.

Come and meet fantastical characters on stilts set imaginations alight in whimsical music and dance performances by French arts group Compagnie des Quidams.

Beyond Woodlands, a variety of enriching arts experiences for the whole family awaits you island-wide. With close to 70 arts activities happening at 18 locations across the island, there is something suitable for everyone.


Dates & Venues :

  • Mapletree, Business City (Plaza)
    8 Nov – 12.30pm 
  • Asia Square (The Cube)
    9 Nov – 12.30pm
  • Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza)
    10 Nov – 5pm & 7.30pm
  • Bedok Town Square
    11 Nov – 5pm & 7.30pm


About the Artists :

The Compagnie des Quidams is based in Etrez, a village north of Lyon (France). Established in 1994 by artistic director Jean-Baptiste Duperray, the Compagnie des Quidams has created more than 10 shows, and performed in over than 40 countries worldwide. It gathers more than 30 artists and technicians coming from a variety of backgrounds (theatre, dance, music, circus etc.), and also develops projects to raise awareness of street art.