Haiku poem contest with Alliance Française

Dis Moi Dix Mots
Dis-moi dix mots | Haïku competition with Alliance Française de Singapour⁣
Celebrate the French language and reveal your inner poet!⁣
You have until 18 April to take part in the competition held by Alliance Française and create your own haiku poem using one or more “au fil de l’eau” (“along the water”) words, in either French or English, and stand a chance of winning $100 AF vouchers!⁣
What is a Haiku?
A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem, consisting in three short lines (5/7/5) that do not rhyme. It’s a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the very nature of existence. Here are a few examples: http://bit.ly/38TRqdq⁣
How to participate? Comment Alliance Française Instagram publication (q) before the 18 April with your haïku poem
Here are the 10 “au fil de l’eau” words: aquarelle (watercolours), à vau-l’eau (with the stream), engloutir (to swallow up), fluide (fluid), mangrove (mangrove), oasis (oasis), ondée (shower), plouf (splash!), ruisseler (to trickle), spitant (sparkling).