“Infinités Plurielles” exhibition at Science Center Singapore

Discovher Signage (kim)

Be introduced to 24 passionate women scientists who will guide you behind the scenes of our mysterious world.
They are chemists, biologists, or mathematicians. They are (astro) physicists, lawyers, historians, or climatologists. They are computer scientists, economists, geologists, physicians, philosophers and sociologists. Some are young researchers, others are professors or engineers. They work in the private or public sector. But thanks to all of them, cutting-edge and amazing research is being revealed in this exhibition.

“Infinités Plurielles” photo exhibition is part of “DiscovHER” exhibition at Science Center Singapore from 1st to 29 Febuary 2020.

The French Ministry Education and Research has chosen artist Marie- Hélène Le Ny to create a sound portrait gallery of women in science. She has her own way of introducing us to the women she photographs and records, of crossingappearances and of triggering questions.
This is precisely where Marie-Hélène Le Ny’s artistic approach meets public policies as the fight against discrimination and gender lies at the heart of the Ministry’s action. Launched in 2013, this artistic creation makes visible women pursuing scientific careers despite the fact that science appears to be too often male-dominated. New models emerge from the power of example indeed.By giving the floor to those scientifically-recognized women, Infinités Plurielles’s ambition is to nurture scientific vocations, to push borders, to foster the exchange of ideas and to stimulate debate around gender equality.
To promote gender equality, the Ministry for Education and Research combines the fight against discrimination and support to gender studies. Actions to promote equality for all are implemented in all public institutions and within the Ministry, the Department for HR, Equality and Anti-Discrimination Strategies devises a national strategy for gender equality policies.

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