MyFrenchFilmFestival 2021 on The Projector Plus!

My Fff 2

From 15 January to 15 February 2021, MyFrenchFilmFestival, the world’s first online French-language film festival, is back with more than 30 films (features and shorts), featuring comedies, romcoms, dramas, documentaries, animations, classics and many more! Onboard in Singapore this year is The Projector who is partnering with Unifrance to present a selection of these films on the digital platform The Projector Plus.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to catch the following movies:

YOU DESERVE A LOVER (“Tu mérites un amour”) by Hafsia Herzi (2019)

Featured at Cannes International Critics’ Week (2019)

Following Remi’s infidelity, Lila – deeply in love – is struggling to deal with their break-up. From Bolivia, where he has gone on a soul-searching quest, Remi lets her know that their relationship is not over… Moving from one encounter to the next, between discussion, consolation and incitements to crazy love, Lila loses herself…

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ENORMOUS (“Enorme”) by Sophie Letourneur (2020)

Claire is a world-renowned prodigy pianist. She travels the world, assisted and pampered by Frédéric her husband-agent-coach-PA. They are in perfect harmony: they don’t want children.

However, after unexpectedly witnessing an childbirth during a Paris-New York flight, an unexpected desire for parenthood arises in Frédéric. He tampers with Claire’s pill, who soon wakes up to her worst nightmare, enormous!

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FELICITÀ by Bruno Merle (2020)

Tommy, 11 years old, is on the road again with her eccentric parents. This time, her freshly out-of-jail father has promised her: she won’t miss the first school day of the term! That was before her dad stole a sports car, her mother disappeared and an astronaut popped by.

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KUESSIPAN by Myriam Verreault (2020)

Mikuan and Shaniss, two girls growing up in a Quebec Innu community, have been inseparable since childhood. Their plans to stick together no matter what are put to the test as they approach adulthood. Mikuan, who has writing aspirations, falls for Francis, a white boy from Sept-Îles and begins to dream of leaving the reservation. Meanwhile, Shaniss, already a mother, tries to protect her boyfriend, who is the father of her child, when he’s wanted by the police for assault and battery after an altercation in a bar.

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BURNING GHOST (“Vif-Argent”) by Stéphane Batut (2019)

Juste wanders the streets of Paris looking for people only he can see. He collects their last memory before helping them into the afterlife. One day Agathe, a young woman, recognizes him. She belongs to his previous life. She is alive and he is a ghost. How will they manage to love each other and seize this second chance?

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ORPHEUS (“Orphée”) by Jean Cocteau (1950)

Orpheus is Jean Cocteau’s poetic retelling of the celebrated myth in a modern setting. The famous Left Bank poet, Orpheus, is enchanted by Death in the guise of an enigmatic Princess, for whom he leaves his wife, Eurydice. But the Princess, knowing the impossibility of their love, sends Orpheus back to Eurydice…

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About MyFrenchFilmFestival:

Organised by Unifrance, the organization in charge of promoting French cinema throughout the world and with the support of the French government, French institutions and local & international partners, the festival has presented over 250 films over the last 10 editions, totaling 54 million film views across more than 200 territories in the world.

Last year, the festival generated more than 12 million views and offered a special Stay-Home edition to the internet users around the world during April-May, when most countries were on lockdown.

More information on MyFrenchFilmFestival and the complete program can be found on