Paris by Loránt Deutsch

A journey along the river Seine
to discover all about Paris

After the success of his books, selling over two million copies around the world, renowned French actor and writer, Lorànt Deutsch crafted a surprising interactive show in which the audience embarks on a lively, fascinating tour of Paris.

With his sparkling, sensible and audacious personality, Lorànt walks you through the amazing “City of Lights’, entering magical and famous Parisian monuments along the river Seine.  Anecdotes and unexpected details will allow you to better grasp Paris’ history, its unique architecture, culture and way of life.

1:20 hours of entertaining stand-up, mixing History, legends and mysteries for the greatest enjoyment of the audience.

On a giant screen, an interactive map of Paris enables to locate the places and monuments that Lorànt describes to us. Videos, animations and 3D reconstructions add to the audience’s immersion.

The innovative and brand new show PARIS by Lorànt Deutsch will stage its world premiere in Asia! Expect the unexpected!

Paris by Loránt Deutsch will be staged at Alliance Theatre on 31st May 2018.
Tickets will be available through PEATIX from 6th April 2018 onwards.

Presented by MUSIHK ans BrAVo Productions.