SINGATHON: singing to raise funds

In the frame of the Giving Week (1- 7 December)  organised by the NVPC, Sing’theatre is launching a unique fundraising campaign, that will lead to a SINGATHON on Sunday 20 December 2020.

From 10 am to 10 pm, singers from all walks of life, music genre, age, and race will sing to raise funds for 365 Days of Music@SingHealth, a programme that provides one hour of live music in one of the institutions of SingHealth, every day for 365 days! Yes! Every day, even Sundays and public holidays, because there is no day off when you are sick.

“When COVID-19 put the program on hold in February, I was devastated, but we adapted to the new situation and brought the program online”, shares French national Nathalie Ribette, Sing’theatre Founder and Artistic Director.

Since 29 May, Sing’theatre has brought live music online at Singapore General Hospital weekly. In July, live digital performances in Hindi, Bengali & Tamil were brought to migrant workers quarantined in dormitories at CCF @Singapore Expo and @Bright Vision. Since 7 October, patients of Sengkang General Hospital and Outram Community Hospital are offered interactive concerts!

SINGATHON will be streamed on YouTube on Sunday 20 December from 10 am to 10 pm featuring famous performers like Hossan Leong, Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu or Joshua Simon  but also  amateurs who want to give back to Singapore. The artistic team at Sing’theatre is still working on the line-up and hopes to receive applications from singing talents who want to contribute.

The French community will take a good part with: “Froufrou la Grisette”, “Paris Chansons by Nathalie Ribette”,  “Andayoma Vocal Ensemble”, “International French School GIRLS”, IFS Atelier Rock …

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