The Theater Factory presents its new play “8 femmes”

The Theater Factory presents its new play “8 femmes”, based on the play written by Robert Thomas.

On Christmas Eve, in an old mansion isolated by snow; eight women are investigating to discover who is the murderer among them.

Behind closed doors, they begin the game of truth, revealing secret ties maintained with the victim as well as their failings, jealousies, resentments, flaws and countless lies…

“8 femmes” is a comedy thriller with many twists and turns. Mathilde Bagein’s staging for The Theater Factory exudes an energy and rhythm that will not leave you unscathed.

With: Juliette Buisine, Amrita Bourdon, Patricia Vilfeu, Lorraine Pavageau, Daphné Kerambrun, Mathilde Soler, Laure Zalejski and Emeline Cobson.

At Alliance Française, from 1 to 4 December.

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Dialogues in French only