Caroline Loeb in Françoise par SAGAN at Alliance Française

In this sensitive and endearing monologue, Caroline Loeb embodies the word of Sagan the indomitable.

Following the creation of her show on George Sand, « George Sand, my life, her work », Caroline Loeb offers us a new insight on another great icon in French literature: Francoise Sagan. From the texts of her interviews published at Stock « I don’t deny anything » (« Je ne renie rien »), Caroline Loeb weaves a monologue in which the author of « Hello sadness » (« Bonjour Tristesse ») reveals herself with all her tenderness, her ferocious intelligence and her subtle humour.
Moving, funny, lucid and implacable, Sagan speaks to us of his absolute love for literature, of the fragility of men, of the importance of desire, of his disdain for money, of his passion for play, and of death in ambush.
Once again accompanied by Alex Lutz, who staged it, the comedian embodies in an astonishing way this passion for life, always on the line of the razor.

Who, other than Caroline Loeb herself, will be in the best position to talk about this show?  Find her interview by Le Petit Journal here.

Nominated for the Molières 2018 in the following category : « Best Theatre One Man Show »

Françoise par SAGAN will be staged at Alliance Française Theatre on 3rd June 2019.
Tickets are available through Ticketflap :
Ticket price: Early Bird S$65
-Limited to 100 seats only and /or until 3rd May 2019 –
Standard S$80

Show in French with no subtitles.
Presented by BrAVo Productions and MUSIHK

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