Crowd by Gisèle Vienne at Singapore International Festival of Arts

Don’t miss French choreographer Gisèle Vienne’s hypnotic work “Crowd” !

Date: June 1 – 2
Venue: Victoria Theatre

Crowd is choreographer-director Gisèle Vienne’s deep dive into the dark side within us. Inspired by the techno rave scene of 1990s Berlin, 15 dancers create temporal distortions, alternate realities and dreamscapes, exposing the core of our “inner selves.”

With a background in music, puppetry, philosophy and the visual arts, Gisèle Vienne is recognised for her unique theatrical language that melds a fine arts sensitivity with a cinematic eye.

In Crowd, Vienne unleashes the cathartic power of the stage and draws you irresistibly into its scenes of visual anarchy. Lifting the curtain on the everyday identities of 15 young revellers at an open-field rave party, Vienne lays bare their individual and collective emotions to confront us with the buried side of their inner narratives.

Driven by a mesmerising electronic dance music selection including techno anthems spanning from Underground Resistance to Jeff Mills, the uncanny movements of bodies, together with rhythmic distortions and optical effects, plays tricks with the viewer and makes our linear perception of time stand still.

Don’t miss this hypnotic work—at once an intoxicating musical outing, a visual feast, and a searing dissection of the violence at the heart of the modern human condition.

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With the support of the Embassy of France in Singapore and Institut français, Paris.