Playing with Virtuosi: Discover NomadPlay

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For the first time in the world of classical music, NomadPlay allows musicians to play along with famous orchestras, to sing along with prestigious choirs or even to play a duet with virtuosic instrumentalists. With more than 900 titles, 30 instruments available and 150 artists recorded, NomadPlay offers a high-quality repertoire to practice music for beginners or professionals. NomadPlay has been launched in Europe in 2019 and is now expanding through South-East Asia.

“NomadPlay is a digital tool for musicians – students, teachers, professionals and amateurs alike – who are looking for ways to rehearse wherever they want. During this exceptional time, we figured it would only be fair to support those who cannot gather to rehearse, go to class or perform, by opening NomadPlay for free and thus giving a rehearsing tool that can be used at home” says Clothilde Chalot, NomadPlay CEO.

Co-founded in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs, Clothilde Chalot and Hannelore Guittet, NomadPlay is the result of five years of research. It relies on an algorithm developed internally by the engineering team at NomadPlay that separates sound input sources. This technology makes it possible to isolate any instrument from a live or studio recording, giving users the ability to silence that instrument’s track and subsequently play in the place of the original musician.

A scale-up fundraising campaign of 4,2M€ was launched between 2018 and 2019. The company of 10 salaried employees has prestigious partners: violinist Renaud Capuçon, the National Orchestra of Ile-de-France (Paris Region), the Talens Lyriques, Romain Leleu, Emmanuel Ceysson, Julien Hervé, Fabrice Millischer, Liege Royal Philharmonic, etc.

The project has won many awards including Madame Figaro’s 2020 Business with Attitude award in the “knowledge” category, the ArtTech Prize 2018 (Geneva), Paris Innovation Grand Prix in 2017. In 2020, NomadPlay is also part of the Keychange Programme led by Reeperbahn Festival, PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, and supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

To help every musician – amateurs and professionals alike – to stay safe and keep playing music in the current Covid-19 situation, the subscription app is temporarily offering free access until 31 May 2020 with the code TOGETHER20.

NomadPlay is available for smartphones, tablets (Android & iOS), as well as desktops and smart TV from