1st april : The Rock’s Clown de Jean Lambert-wild avec Hossan Leong @ Gardens by the Bay.

The Rock’s Clown is an outdoor site specific performance involving an actor (Hossan Leong), a clown (Jean Lambert-wild), a juggler (Martin Palisse), a water pond, a soundtrack, red balls and balloons.

The script, written by Catherine Lefeuvre, will be performed by Hossan Leong while Jean Lambert-wild and Martin Palisse will be playing weird insect-like creatures interacting, juggling, swimming, jesting, etc.
The show mixes poetry, humour and circus. It addresses all audiences.

Some pictures are available here. Clicking on INFOS will lead you to a short video and some information in French, including a presentation translated and adapted here:

The Rock’s Clown is the last part of the Clown Parleur (The Talking Clown) trilogy. The first two parts, Le Clown des Marais (Swamps Clown, created in Singapore at 72-13) and  Le Clown du Ruisseau (The Brooks Clown, to be shot in Singapore) use various ways to question, through poetry and performance, the nature of Jean Lambert-wild’s clown, its origins, its language and its emotions.

The Rock’s Clown portrays his clown through the mythical character of Sisyphus, used as a metaphor for the status of the artist. The Scarbaeidae, more commonly known as dung beetles, a wonderful insect, dung roller, solitary, astronomer and relentless worker, is the ideal Siyphus of this tale.

It is the first artistic collaboration between Martin Palisse, director of the Nexon National Hub for Circus and Jean Lambert-wild, director of the Limoges National Drama Center.


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