Directed by: Nicolas Vanier

Cast: Elsa Zylberstein, Éric Elmosnino, François-Xavier Demaison, Sylvie Testud

Runtime: 103 mins

Genre: Fiction, Comedy

Rating: TBC

Champagne 2022

Alliance Française
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19 NOV – 7PM
25 NOV – 9.30PM

Jean, Patrick, Joanna, Romane and Guillaume have known each other for over 30 years. Their marriages and their children have not succeeded in keeping them away and this weekend, the band of fifty-somethings finds itself in Champagne for Patrick’s bachelor party, being the last bachelor of the bunch. But his wife-to-be, who arrived unexpectedly, does not exactly please to everyone… In this sublime vineyard, over the giggles, shouting matches and reconciliations, tensions rebound…


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