Effective Speech and Language Development for a Bi/plurilingual Child

25 MARCH - 7.30PM Facebook - @APFSingapour
Domitilla De Laporte 0

Lecture by Domitilla de Laporte, Speech Therapist

Domitilla de Laporte has been practicing her profession as a speech therapist from Germany since 2016 via videoconference. She specifically assists French-speaking expatriate families and the children of mixed bicultural couples. During her intervention, Domitilla de Laporte will address issues related to language development in general, with a particular focus on the characteristics of bilingualism. She will try to help understand what bilingualism/plurilingualism is exactly, what it implies for your child’s language development, and what its consequences may be from a systemic point of view, i.e. for the whole family. She will answer your questions after the conference.

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