12 - 19 MARCH Digital
Francophonie Eat 30

Masterclasses with Renowned Chefs of the Francophonie

6PM on weekdays 12PM on weekends

It can be said that food is another language that countries from the Francophonie have in common.

Francophone-EAT! is a gastronomy segment of the festival featuring eight renowned chefs from different countries of the Francophonie sharing their specially curated recipes. From moka chocolate tartes to lobsters and laksa mussels, each chef will let you in on their ‘savoir-faire’ as they walk you through the recipe through videos. For those who are interested in learning them, don’t worry! The recipes will be posted along with the videos, encouraging you to participate in learning how to make the dish as well.

This event is free for all and will be made available on demand on social media. These videos will be posted on the respective Facebook pages of embassies on respective days through the time period. Participate in this event to follow a step-by-step guide on how to cook and share with us your creations!

The chefs unveil typical recipes to you:

Milo Moka Tarte – A French Classic with a Singaporean Twist

France and Singapore have in common their love for food! For Francophone-EAT, France is presenting Singapore’s award-winning pastry chef, Cheryl Koh, the pastry chef at Tarte and Les Amis Group. Growing up, Cheryl had a keen interest in baking pastries and spent a significant amount of time in France where she learned from and worked with Chefs like Jean-Louis Nomicos, a renowned Michelin-starred chef, in Paris.

Her time in France has greatly influenced her baking style today. In 2015, Cheryl opened French patisserie “Tarte by Cheryl Koh” under Les Amis Group, which retails a seasonal range of artisanal tarts made with a variety of seasonal ingredients. A lot of time and effort is spent on sourcing for the right ingredients and her shop utilises the best of French products to create these delectable tarts.

In her segment of Francophone-EAT, she will be preparing a classic French chocolate tart with a Singaporean twist! Join her online as she presents the savoir-faire of this French-favourite dessert and find out what twist she has added to the mix.

12 March @voilahsg Recipe (PDF)
Cheryl Koh Francophone Eat
21. Tarte Singlelogo 01

Uniquely Canadian

Canada is pleased to present Food and Diversity with Chef Anand Kumar & Chef Frédéric Boulay as part of Francophonie-EAT!

Both Chefs proudly represent Canada and will be preparing simple but delicious dishes that incorporate fresh Canadian ingredients that are readily available in Singapore.

Chef Anand will show us how to cook Moroccan Spiced Quebec Quinoa and Chickpea Salad as well as Canadian Emerald Scallops, Beurre d’ail, Asparagus & Brocollini.

Chef Frédéric will be demonstrating how to make Nova Scotian Ocean Crab salad with quinoa, avocado and Asian mandarin orange as well as Atlantic Ocean lobster and scallops, sweet & sour vinaigrette with shallots and Quebec maple syrup pork bacon, accompanied with Sautéed Red spinach and local greens.

13 MARCH @CanadainSingapore RECIPE (PDF)
Frederic Boulay Francophone Eat
8. Chef Frederic Logo

Tomato Crevette and Laksa Mussels – The best of Belgian comfort foods

Representing the Kingdom of Belgium in this year’s Francophonie Festival in Singapore is Belgium-born Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, Founder and Owner of the Emmanuel Stroobant Group. The group is behind two of Singapore’s most celebrated restaurants: two Michelin-starred modern French restaurant Saint Pierre, and two Michelin-starred Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant; as well as popular dining spots SQUE and Kingdom of Belgians. The latter is his latest concept, and showcases the best of Belgian comfort foods and beers.

Join Chef Emmanuel in an online cooking class, as he walks you through the process of preparing two signature dishes from Kingdom of Belgians: the Tomato Crevette and Laksa Mussels, his tribute to the Lion City that he now calls home.

14 March @BelgiumInSingapore RECIPE (PDF)
Emmanuel Stroobant Francophone Eat
14. Kob Hi Res Logo (1)

Crispy Prawn Summer Rollsand Green Mango & Prawn Salad – Vietnamese cuisine, a Summer of Tastes

For Francophone-EAT, Vietnam is presenting Singapore’s chef Jeff Koh, the Chef de Cuisine at Red Sparrow – an elegant and authentic Vietnamese restaurant right in the heart of Dempsey Hill.

Fascinated by Vietnamese cuisine, Jeff had spent 3 years in Vietnam to learn cooking, and started as a Kitchen Porter in Ho Chi Minh City. Jeff’s various experiences within the F&B industry include Brown Sugar, Hacienda, Grand Hyatt Hotel…

In 2017, Jeff opened Vietnamese restaurant “Red Sparrow”, which offers home-cooked meals typically found in a Vietnamese household. At Red Sparrow, you can find a rich menu of dishes using fresh ingredients sourced directly from Vietnam. As the first « shop and dine » Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore, Red Sparrow also retails various food and beverage products from Vietnam: rice paper, fish sauce, coconut drink, durian cake, Saigon beer…

In his segment of Francophone-EAT, he will be preparing a classic Crispy Prawn Summer Roll and Green Mango Prawn Salad. Join Jeff online as he presents to you the savoir-faire of these Vietnamese-signature dishes.

14 MARCH @voilahsg RECIPE (PDF)
Jeff Koh
Red Sparrow

Chicken Pastilla with Gula Melaka – A Monument of the Moroccan Cuisine

Pastilla, also known as bstella or bastille, is a monument of the Moroccan cuisine and synonymous with refinement and delicacy. It is one of the most famous Moroccan dishes and is served in all celebrations such as weddings, births, etc. The traditional and authentic recipe of pastilla calls for pigeon but chicken, that is more tender, works as well. It is one of the oldest dishes based on a sweet and savory combination. It is presented in the form of a pie, whose filling is enclosed in several layers of an extremely thin dough called warka or warqa (sheet of paper, in Arabic).

The recipe that our Moroccan Chefs, Rhizlaine, Safia and Mohammed Tazi will prepare is the chicken pastilla with a local twist to it by adding gula melaka! Bon appétit!

15 MARCH @sifamaind RECIPE (PDF)
Zarabi Logo Wal Has
Chef Tazi

Kniddelen with Apple compote – Must-have Luxembourgish classic

Luxembourg is turning the spotlight on its unique culinary heritage with TV chef and food journalist Anne Faber of Anne’s Kitchen.

Since starting her award-winning food blog Anne’s Kitchen in 2010, Anne has written 5 cookbooks and hosts a regular cooking TV show in Luxembourg. Heavily influenced by her travels across the world, and in particular Asia, Anne has dedicated one entire season of her show to the culinary delights she discovered in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo. She trained as a chef at Alain Ducasse in Paris and has been cooking for events at Luxembourg embassies across the world, including Beijing, Tokyo and Washington DC.

In her video, Anne will be preparing a true Luxembourgish classic called Kniddelen – Luxembourgish dumplings – accompanied by a spicy apple compote. While cooking, Anne will share personal anecdotes and extracts from her show and talk about her experience cooking this particular dish with students at the Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality.

16 MARCH @LUinThailand RECIPE (PDF)
Anne Faber Francophone Eat
3. Annes Kitchen

Pescado a la Talla Taco & Chili Crab Taco – A Mexican favourite with a Singaporean Twist

Mexico’s rich cuisine will be represented in Francophone-EAT by Chef Tamara Chávez. With 12 years of culinary experience, she kickstarted her career in Mexico City in traditional restaurants, coming to Singapore to work at El Mero Mero, the first fine-dining Mexican restaurant. Her love for Latin American food grew when she headed the kitchen at The Latin Quarter.

She trained in Peru under the Chef Rafael Osterling (#19 in Latin America 50 Best Restaurants 2019). Having worked at Cevicheria “El Mercado” in Lima, she understands Peru’s immense culinary heritage.

In 2017 Tamara became the head of TONO Cevicheria, developing a repertoire of innovative dishes that compliment her Mexican heritage. Since then, she has taken on prominent roles in high-profile events and chef collaborations, launching LATINADA in 2019 – Singapore’s first Latin American food festival. Tamara has helmed the kitchen of OLA Cocina del Mar since June 2020, contributing to the growth of Latin American cuisine.

Singaporean Chef Petrina Loh will be collaborating on the Chili Crab Taco, a traditional Singaporean dish in a corn tortilla.

17 Mars @embamexsingapur RECIPE (PDF)
Tamara Chávez Francophone Eat
16. Ola Logo Embassy Of Mexico In Singapore Embamex Singapur

Papet Vaudois – Experience the taste of Switzerland

As part of Francophone-EAT, the Swiss Embassy is proud to present award-winning Singapore-based Swiss Chef, Patrick Heuberger, for the virtual cook along experience. Born in Geneva and after living in France, the Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong, Patrick moved to Singapore in 2001. Since then, Patrick has become a well-known personality in the Singapore gastronomy scene. Renowned for bringing and flourishing Swiss and French dining experiences to the Lion City with his leadership at Au Petit Salut, Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Swiss Huber’s Butchery, he now runs his classic and rustic French bistro nestled in the lush greenery of Dempsey, Atout.

In Patrick’s segment of Francophone-EAT, he will cook a signature dish deeply rooted in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland – Papet Vaudois – that can be served both as an appetizer and as a main. This lesser-known but soulful dish is a deliciously simple and earthy one-pot dish of creamy leeks and potatoes topped with the famous smoked vaud sausage that epitomizes the comfort of home-cooked food for the family.

Tune in and join Patrick as you embark on a gastronomic journey and experience a taste of Switzerland!

18 March @SwissEmbassySingapore RECIPE (PDF)
Patrick Heuberger Francophone Eat
5. Atout Logo1 Steffi Widmer

Sarmale and Gogoși – A Must for Romanian Households

For Francophonie-EAT!, Romania is proud to bring back for Singapore’s foodies, Chef Adi Hădean, TV and radio personality, food blogger and a former judge on the Romanian edition of MasterChef cooking show series, mentor to future generations of Romanian chefs. Chef Hădean hosted many cooking shows such as Sare și Piper (Salt & Pepper) as well as Rețete fără Secrete (Recipes with no secrets); in 2019 he participated in the World Gourmet Summit here in Singapore where he delighted our taste buds with dishes inspired by Romanian traditional cuisine.

Throughout his career, Chef Hădean gave a lot back to the community and he has never lost touch with his roots. Last year, ‘’Adi Hădean Association” was even more active in various social projects supporting local communities. The ongoing Solidar Social (Social Solidarity) campaign aims to provide a warm meal for vulnerable groups and front-line health-care workers braving the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his segment of Francophonie-EAT!, Chef Hădean will introduce two classic dishes in Romanian households: mouthwatering sarmale and, for those of us with a sweet tooth, irresistible gogoși. Bon appétit!

19 march @voilahsg RECIPE (PDF)
Adi Hădean Francophone Eat
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