Feminine Body, Female Gazes

24 MARCH - 8PM Alliance Française de Singapour Get direction
Feminine Body, Female Gazes 0

Meet-the-Authors Session

In line with the exhibition Intimate Topographies in which artist Hélène Le Chatelier explores the idea and the image of the female body as a “terra incognita”, our panel discussion will further examine the theme of “gentleness in the act of creation”. As an artist whose works resist the conventional male gaze of art history while simultaneously questioning “feminine” attributes and histories, Hélène Le Chatelier will talk about her unique approach towards art and her positioning as a female artist. Writers Lilyane Beauquel and Joffrine Donnadieu and Malika Madi will chime in with a discussion on the distinction between “femininity” and “feminism”, and more generally, on how we are conditioned by a shared history that is often difficult to escape.

The conference will be held in French with English subtitles and moderated by Sébastien Bonnemason.

Admission: Free programme

Secure your seat on Alliance Française website to attend the talk in the theatre (limited capacity) or watch it live on the Alliance Française Facebook page.


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