Directed by Agnès Varda

Cast: Jean-Claude Drouot, Claire Drouot, Marie-France Boyer, Sandrine Drouot, Olivier Drouot, Paul Vecchiali

Runtime: 80 min

Rating: M18

Genre: Drama

Bonheur Affiche 1965

The Projector
13 NOV – 8.30PM
20 NOV – 5PM

A happily-married carpenter inadvertently falls in love with a young telephone company employee. As he explores his feelings in the joy of that relationship, he discovers that far from feeling alienated from his wife and child, the joy of his new relationship actually intensifies his attachment to them as well. He is at a loss how to explain this to his wife. When Thomas shares the truth about his relationships with his wife she appears to accept his statement that he has enough love for both her and his mistress, but then she commits suicide. Thomas’ relationship with his mistress survives.



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