World Premiere

Directed by Alexandra Leclère

Cast: Josiane Balasko, Didier Bourdon, Marilou Berry, Ben, Laurent Stocker, Joséphine de Meaux

Runtime: 95 min

Rating: TBC

Genre: Comedy

The Price Of Parenting Movie Still (2) Poster

Shaw Theatres Lido
22 NOV – 7PM
24 NOV – 9.15PM
26 NOV – 11.55PM

Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter
20 NOV – 9.10PM
23 NOV – 9PM
28 NOV – 4.10PM

Chantal and Christian enjoy a peaceful retirement. Their children Sandrine and Stéphane moved away from home, and they do not call them as often as before. Suffering from empty nest syndrome, Stéphane and Sandrine find a clever way to make their kids come back home: winning the lottery. This desperate attempt becomes a dangerous lie…

The movie will be commercially released at Shaw Theatres on 17 February 2022.



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