Directed by Gilles de Maistre

Cast: Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Mylene Robic, Charlie Carrick, Rhys Slack, Rebecca Croll

Runtime: 99 min

Rating: PG

Genre: Adventure

Movie in English

The Wolf & The Lion Digital Poster(fff 2021)

Alliance Française
14 NOV – 11AM
20 NOV – 11AM

Shaw Theatres Lido
13 NOV – 1.30PM
21 NOV – 12.40PM
27 NOV – 12.35PM

Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter
13 NOV – 11AM
20 NOV – 1.20PM
28 NOV – 11.10AM

The film follows the journey of Alma, a headstrong music student from New York who flies to a remote island where she grew up in Canada to attend the funeral of her grandfather. She doesn’t plan to stay long, but when she finds a wolf pup, and shortly after she rescues a lion cub from a plane wreck, she realises that she can’t leave the animals behind. Henceforth inseparable, the dissimilar predators grow up like brothers. But gamekeepers and circus operators have already got their eyes on the animals, and Alma’s little paradise is in danger of being destroyed. After The Wolf and the Lion, Gilles de Maistre presents a wonderful new adventure about animal friendship.

The movie will be commercially released at Shaw Theatres on 23 December 2021.



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