Directed by Antoine Barraud

Cast: Virginie Efira, Quim Gutiérrez, Bruno Salomone, Jacqueline Bisset, François Rostain

Runtime: 102 min

Rating: PG13 (Coarse Language and Scene of Intimacy)

Genre: Thriller

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Alliance Française
23 NOV – 9.30PM
27 NOV – 10.15PM

Shaw Theatres Lido
14 NOV – 9.15PM
18 NOV – 6.50PM

Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter
20 NOV – 7PM
25 NOV – 6.40PM

Judith manages a busy double life between Switzerland and France. On the one hand there’s Abdel, with whom she has a little girl, and on the other Melvil, with whom she has two older boys. Gradually, this delicate balancing act built on lies, secrets, and constant to-ing and fro-ing, starts cracking up under the pressure. Caught in a trap, Judith decides to run away from it all and her situation soon spirals out of control.


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